Saturday, November 10, 2007


So, just wanted to show off the blocked Backyard Leaves scarf from scarf style. (Love this book! There are soo many things that I want to knit out of it.)
This was my first foray into blocking and boy howdy, did it make a difference! So much better now!

Hello! I am a scarf. I lie nice and flat now that I have been blocked!

Another angle. Look at the pretty leaves!

When I was first knitting this (almost a year ago), I brought it to Florida and was showing it to my Grandma. (Who used to knit and ran a KNIT SHOP! Drool. I wish I could do that now....) And anyways, my Grandma kept pulling the scarf wider and saying that it was so skinny and maybe I could add on to the sides. I could add on here or even use a different color. But my scarf was too skinny. Harumph. She did keep commenting on how nicely it was knitted and how even my stitches were, but she was stuck on the fact that my scarf NEEDED more width. (but it has this cool edge Grandma! It will be fine eventually! I don't want to add on to the sides! No really. Not. adding. to. scarf.) This time, after blocking, she thought that it was great and just kept on saying how nice it was and the design was so pretty. (and complicated! and look at all of those leaves!) Awww. I lurves you Grandma!

So yay! for blocking! Blocking helps! Go block your stuff!

And just for comparison - the unblocked version.

backyard leaves scarf
I am unblocked. Determined too skinny by professional Grandma knitter.

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