Sunday, November 11, 2007

Last Harvest of the Garden

I am actually involved in other things besides knitting. But I designed and envisioned this blog to be almost totally knitting. *Almost* being the operative word here. So, prepare yoruself for a non-knitting post. If you choose to opt-out, then do so now. But this won't be a regular occurence. Plus, you might be inspired. I like to grow things. I've always had a way with all of my indoor plants and I had tremendous luck with a pot of tomatoes once, so this year, I started an outdoor veggie garden. I had mucho success - most of it due to my automatic watering system and my homemade earth-bucket. I might post the directions here at some point, but if you are somewhat proficient at a google search, you will find some instructions on a homemade earth bucket all on your own. I cannot say enough good things about a homemade earth bucket. I had three, two filled with tomatoes and one filled with peppers. (It also had zucchini, but the zukes fell victim to a wind storm and were broken off.) So, long after my friend who grew a traditional garden. I was still harvesting veggies. GO ME! I also had a couple tomatoes in regular containers and the earth bucket tomatoes outperformed the regular ones by far. Significant difference. I love having fresh homegrown veggies. They taste soo much better than store-bought ones. No comparison at all. I don't really like green peppers, but I love my homegrown ones. Also, nothing will ever compare to eating a ripe sun warmed tomato. If you ever grow your own tomato plant (which I highly recommend) then take the time to eat one that is still warm from the sun. Glorious! I absolutely got a kick out of eating my cherry tomatoes in front of my other gardening compadres long after their plants had kicked the bucket. I believe it was all due to my system. With out further ado, I present my last major harvest of the season. (I still have a few peppers and tomatoes to come off, but this is the last major bunch.)

Cherry tomatoes. I grew Sweet 1000s. Good to eat all by themselves. (In fact, I ate most of them by popping them into my mouth. Incredibly delicious!)

My last pepper harvest. Yummy!

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